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Can spectral and local information decide separability?

Karl G. H. Vollbrecht, Michael M. Wolf

(2001) quant-ph/0107014 Pfeil

Abstract: We discuss the discriminating power of separability criteria, which are based on the spectrum of a quantum state and its reductions. Common examples are entropic inequalities utilizing conditional Tsallis or Renyi entropies. We prove that these inequalities are implied by the reduction criterion for any positive value of the entropic parameters. We show however, that arbitrary sets of criteria based on spectral and local information can never be sufficient by establishing a separable, isospectral and locally undistinguishable counterpart for any Werner state in odd dimensions. For the case of two qubit systems we show that a simple controlled phase gate operation can produce an isospectral, entangled state out of a separable one, which has the same reductions.