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Current fluctuations for the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process

M. Prähofer, H. Spohn

in "In and out of equilibrium", ed. V. Sidoravicius, Progress in Probability 51, Birkhäuser (2002)

DOI: d Pfeil
*URN*: u Pfeil
**: cond-mat/0101200 Pfeil
*MathSciNet*: MR1901953 Pfeil

Abstract: The time-integrated current of the TASEP has non-Gaussian fluctuations of order t1/3. The recently discovered connection to random matrices and the Painlevé II Riemann-Hilbert problem provides a technique through which we obtain the probability distribution of the current fluctuations, in particular their dependence on initial conditions, and the stationary two-point function. Some open problems are explained.