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Functional inequalities for classical and quantum Markov chains [MA5947]

Summer Semester 2020

Dr. Ángela Capel, Dr. Cambyse Rouzé

Dozent: Dr. Ángela Capel, Dr. Cambyse Rouzé
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Due to the coronavirus crisis, this course might be moved to the Winter Semester.

Content (from Module description)

  1. Classical Markov chains
    1. Review of Markov semigroups and ergodic properties
    2. Spectral gap
    3. Logarithmic Sobolev inequality and hypercontractivity
    4. Modified logarithmic Sobolev inequality and entropic convergence
    5. Tensorization
  2. Quantum Markov chains
    1. Review on quantum Markov chains
    2. Ergodicity properties
    3. Quantum functional inequalities
    4. Quantum Stroock Varopoulos inequality
    5. The tensorization problem
  3. Spin systems
    1. Review on Gibbs states and locality
    2. Clustering of correlations at equilibrium
    3. Approximate tensorization
    4. Rapid mixing
    5. Connection via functional inequalities


The exam will be in oral form (30 minutes).


There will be four exercise sessions.


There will be available lecture notes for the course.

Recommended bibliography:

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