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Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning [MA4801]

Summer 2020

Prof. Dr. Michael Wolf

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Michael Wolf
Übungsleitung: Matthias Caro
Mitwirkende: Matthias Caro, Vjosa Blakaj, Markus Hasenöhrl
Vorlesung: Lectures and exercise classes will take place online only.




The course will provide an introduction to the mathematical foundations of learning theory and neural networks. If time allows, we will also look into kernel methods.

Lecture notes

... will be updated once a week (usually on Tue).


Basic knowledge in linear algebra, analysis and probability theory is required. For the discussion of kernel methods, we will need some elementary Hilbert space theory.


There are many good books on the topic. Recent examples with a focus on mathematical aspects are: Among the classic books with a focus on mathematical results are: