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Precisely timing dissipative quantum information processing

M. J. Kastoryano, M. M. Wolf, J. Eisert

Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 110501 , (2013) 1205.0985 Pfeil

Abstract: Dissipative engineering constitutes a framework within which quantum information processing protocols are powered by weak (Markovian) system-environment interaction rather than by unitary dynamics alone. This framework embraces noise as a resource, and consequently, offers a number of advantages compared to one based on unitary dynamics alone, e.g., that large classes of initial states are rapidly driven to desirable steady states. One apparent drawback of this scheme is that it does not seem to allow for precisely timed sequential operations, conditional measurements or error correction. In this work, we provide a solution to these challenges, by introducing some basic dissipative gadgets which allow us to precisely initiate, trigger and time dissipative operations, while keeping the system Liouvillian time independent. These gadgets open up novel perspectives for thinking of timed, protected dissipative quantum information processing. As an example, we sketch how universal computation can be performed with geometrically local interactions. We also suggest that instances of dissipative error correction are possible, sketching models of topological error correction without any explicit time dependent control or measurement feedback, in fewer than 4 dimensions.