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Dr. Daniela Cadamuro

Daniela Cadamuro

Zentrum Mathematik, M5
Technische Universität München
Boltzmannstrasse 3
85748 Garching

Tel.: +49 89 289-
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My main research interests are in relativistic quantum field theory, i.e., the theory which describes the physics of elementary particles. Models describing interaction among particles are generally difficult to construct. But examples called ``quantum integrable models'' in lower dimensions are more amenable to a rigorous construction due to their simplified type of interaction. Here, I am particularly interested in the construction of integrable models with bound states.

These models also represent an ideal context to study lower bounds to the smeared energy density (quantum energy inequalities), which are essential for the stability of spacetime, since they exclude the existence of ``exotic'' spacetime geometries. My aim here is to show that QEIs exist for interacting models of particles.

Other examples of ``quantum inequalities'' appear in the context of quantum mechanics. I investigate inequalities for the probability backflow of a particle scattering onto a potential, with results that might be directly verifiable in experiments. I currently work on extending the proof of these inequalities to a larger class of potentials.

Also, I recently became interested in mathematical aspects of Quantum Information Theory, working on the problem of data compression in quantum communication.



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