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Comment on "On the uncomputability of the spectral gap"

Toby S. Cubitt, David Perez-Garcia, Michael M. Wolf

(2016) 1603.00825 Pfeil

Abstract: The aim of this short note is to clarify some of the claims made in the comparison made in [S. Lloyd, On the uncomputability of the spectral gap, arXiv:1602.05924] between our recent result [T.S. Cubitt, D. Perez-Garcia, M.M. Wolf, Undecidability of the spectral gap, Nature 528, 207-211 (2015), arXiv:1502.04573] and his 1994 paper [S. Lloyd, Necessary and sufficient conditions for quantum computation, J. Mod. Opt. 41(12), 2503-2520 (1994)].