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Matrix analysis in quantum theory  

Sommersemester 2018

Prof. Dr. Robert König, Prof. Dr. Simone Warzel


General Information

Information about the seminar

Assignment of Topics


File additional files Topics Author Solutions
Assignment 1 Mathematical preliminaries and their motivation in quantum mechanics Laura Müller
Assignment 2 Handout Tensor products and partial traces Georg Maringer Solution
Assignment 3 Handout Trace functions Matthias Oberlechner
Assignment 4 Handout Quantum channels Maja Hermann
Assignment 5 Handout Operator Monotonicity and Convexity Vjosa Blakaj Solution
Assignment 6 Handout Trace distance and continuity of quantum entropy Larissa Tröbelsberger Solution
Assignment 7 Handout Entanglement Aaron Gonsior
Assignment 8 Handout Majorization Summan Sohail
Assignment 9 Handout second Handout Teleportation Cordula Schmitz-Sinn
  Handout Golden-Thompson, Lieb's triple matrix inequality and strong subadditivity Zoltan Kolarovszki