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Foundations of Quantum Information Theory [MA5105]

Sommersemester 15

Prof. Dr. Michael Keyl

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Michael Keyl
Übungsleitung: Luca Arceci
Vorlesung: Mo. 14.30 - 16.00 Raum 02.08.020 und Mi. 14.00 - 15.30 Raum 02.04.011 Anmeldung
Zentralübung: Mo. 16.15 - 17.45 Raum 02.08.020 Anmeldung
Tutorübungen:   Anmeldung

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Oral examinations will take place on: July 22nd, July 28th and on end of September (precise date to be announced). Please send me in a mail (including you "Matrikel No." and whether you are TUM or LMU) which day do you prefer.

Note: 8.7.15: Due the changes in my schedule the examinations on July 29th are shifted to July 28th!

Note: 14.7.15: All examinations will take place in my office (03.12.037)

Wednesday, July 22nd

Time Matr. No. Remark
14.00 03629965 postponed to autumn
14.45 10835597 postponed to autumn

Tuesday, July 28th

Time Matr. No.
14.00 0365 3772
14.45 11223798
15.30 03667599
16.15 03627143

Tuesday, September 22nd

Updated: 17.9.15

Time Matr. No.
11.00 11186298 (LMU)
11.45 11185543 (LMU)
14.15 03629965
15.45 03653772
16.30 03627143

Tuedsay, September 29th

Updated: 17.9.15

Time Matr. No.
14.00 10835597


Sheet Due Date Solution Comment
Sheet1 20.4.15 Solution1
Sheet2 27.4.15 Solution2
Sheet3 04.5.15 Solution3
Sheet4 11.5.15 Solution4
Sheet5 18.5.15 Solution5
Sheet6 01.6.15 Solution6
Sheet7 08.6.15 Solution7
Sheet8 15.6.15 Solution8
Sheet9 22.6.15 Solution9
Sheet10 29.6.15 Solution10
Sheet11 06.7.15 Solution11
Sheet12 13.7.15 Solution12


Quantum information theory is a rediscussion of quantum theory in an information theoretical context and at the same time a generalization of classical information theory to the quantum world. This module provides an introduction to the mathematical and conceptual foundations of the theory, its applications and the most important quantitative questions. Subjects to be discussed include: states and effects, ordered vector spaces, tensor products, correlations and entanglement, Bell inequalities, channels, positivity and complete positivity, estimation theory, quantum cloning, quantum error correction, channel capacities, distillation of entanglement, and entanglement measures.

Lecture Notes

Lectures notes from summer 2014 are available here. However, I will not follow them 100%. An updated version will be posted when available on this page.